Row Crop Tires

Row Crop Tires 

Does your sprayer leave compaction in the field? Are you wondering if you have the right tires on your sprayer?  

These are a few of the many different questions you may be asking yourself when it comes time to get your sprayer in the field. Choosing the right tires can be overwhelming, but if you search for sprayer tires that don't leave behind compaction, it may be time to consider IF or VF row crop tires. 

sprayer with row crop tires

 Why Row Crop?  

Having the correct tires on your sprayer is essential because it is set up to work in many different conditions while handling multiple tasks. 

Row crop tires allow sprayers to operate between growing crops, which makes them ideal for jobs such as spraying post-emergence herbicide or side-dressing nitrogen. Row crop sprayer tires have grown taller, creating longer rather than wider footprints to maximize traction and minimize harm to valuable farmland. That long footprint allows them to maintain their narrow width and keep pace with modern ag equipment's growing size and power. 

At CFI, we carry multiple brands and most sizes of row crop tires such as 380/90R46, 380/105R50, 420/95R50, 320/90R50, 320/105R50, 320/105R54. A few of our favorite models include:   



This tire carries the same load as a standard radial tractor tire but at lower pressure or has more load capacity (up to 40%) at the same pressure. These tires allow lower inflation pressure for the same load capacity as regular Row Crop tires. More robust lugs than standard Row Crop tires, outstanding traction, excellent self-cleaning characteristics, and enhanced lug shape ensure exceptional durability, comfort, and a significant reduction of noise while driving on the road. The Agriflex 354 gives a large tire footprint area for high traction, reduces fuel costs, increases overall operation productivity and best puncture protection, and has more uniform ground pressure distribution due to its steel belts.   

354 Agriflex



The Agriflex 363  

The 363 Agriflex is an optimal tire for heavy and high-speed self-propelled sprayers. The VF tire construction enables working with high tire deflection, providing up to 40% higher load carrying capacity for the same inflation pressure as regular tires. The directional lug design provides excellent grip on soft surfaces, divided into separate blocks. Many blocks and high rubber to void tread ratio ensure long tread life, comfort, and low rolling resistance during transport operation on hard surfaces. 

Our customer was in search of tires for his Hagie sprayer that would fit his field's narrow rows. We armed him with Agriflex 363's all the way around. The results? Less compaction, better yield. 

Agriflex 363Agriflex 363











Think row crop tires might be right for you?

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